Some days just suck.


Honestly, some weeks, some months and some years just suck.

We're tired of avoiding talking about the hard days and the hard stuff. And we're tired of trying to hide the bad days. It's so human to want to remove all the pain from the ones we love, but having people try to convince you everything will be perfect tomorrow can be just as painful. Let's make space to acknowledge those shitty feelings.

That company in the shit itself is beautiful.

Through loss, heartbreak and major illness, the Beauty & Shit team has realized that the conversations, the cards and the company that felt best through all of that didn't try to make me laugh or stop crying or find the silver lining.

The moments that mattered made space for both beauty & shit, and that's what we hope to do for you and the ones you love.



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Cards that don't suck for the moments that do.

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